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Black Friday & Festive Season Scams

SALE! SALE! SALE! We see a sale and we love it – how can we not? It’s in our nature. However, what’s the cost? No… we’re not talking about the monetary amount, but rather the cyber risk involved in Black Friday and festive season scams. Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season,Continue reading “Black Friday & Festive Season Scams”


Author: Lee Seidman At the most basic level, “social engineering” is just a modern expression for “hacking the mind” using persuasive techniques to influence and inspire action without cognition. The language itself invokes intimidation. The draw of extracting oneself from a condition of fear and/or the desire to comply/conform/ avoid embarrassment are strong motivators thatContinue reading “SCAMS NEED NOT BE SCARY”

Cybersecurity Awareness: Using Different Wireless Networks at Home/Work for Better Security

Author: Lee Seidman October 2022 Using the latest encryption protocol WPA3TM (Wi-Fi Protected Access 3) or relying on the older WPA2 Personal is the standard to try to restrict unauthorized connectivity to one’s network (neither is perfectly secure, but they are better than predecessors WPA and WEP [Wireless Equivalent Privacy]). However, these measures are intendedContinue reading “Cybersecurity Awareness: Using Different Wireless Networks at Home/Work for Better Security”