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A computer may not turn on for multiple reasons, but it is always important to start with verifying that the computer has power and is plugged into the power strip or wall socket completely. If you are using a power strip, check to see if the power strip is receiving power or in some designs, the power strip may need to be reset.

  • The computer may have completed Windows updates and performed a scheduled reboot that you may not have received a popup for.
  • The computer may have a software or hardware error causing an automatic reboot.
  • Computer could be overheating

Windows 10 defaults PDFs to open through Microsoft Edge. To change the default, select the Start Menu, Settings, Apps, default apps, choose default apps by file type, navigate to .pdf. Click on the app and change to Adobe Reader.

Confirm that both monitors are connected to the computer and has power. Once confirmed, right click on your background, and select display settings. Under multiple displays settings, select extend these displays.

Right click on your background and select display settings. Under rearrange your displays, select Identify to identify which monitor is numbered 1 or 2. If they are not in the order of your monitors on your desk, you can rearrange the displays to match by clicking on the monitor and dragging to the other side.

  • Use different passwords from the ones that you use for websites.
  • Use a more complex passwords instead of a single word or a commonly used phrase.
  • Passwords should be hard to guess, don’t use names, birth dates of family and friends or pet names.
  • Use multiple factor authenticators when possible.
  • Common cause is Caps Lock is set to on. Verify that your Caps Lock is turned off and/or the Num Lock is on or off when using the number pad.
  • Take your time. Verify that each pressed key is typing in the password field. A key could be stuck or not working.
Printer/Copier/Multifunction Machine
  • Verify that the printer has power and there are no errors on the printer display.
  • Confirm that the printer is connected via USB or network.
  • Verify that printer has paper and is loaded properly. In addition, check the consumables. Does the printer have toner or ink?

Depending on the content you are printing, the printer may take longer to spool to the printer. Adobe PDFs tend to take longer due to their size and how the printer processes the data.

When copying from the top feeder, the feeder sends the document over what is called the slit glass. This strip of glass can get dirty. Lift the scanner and clean the glass with alcohol. You can verify that the slit glass needs to be cleaned when printing to the machine or copying from the flatbed, the image is clean.


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