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IT Health Partners Service Providers

More than 200,000 global customers trust Barracuda to safeguard their employees, data, and applications from a wide range of threats. Barracuda provides easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, application and cloud security, network security and data protection. That's why IT Health Partners uses Barracuda as a key service provider for you!


Working directly with Cisco, IT Health Partners will provide your organization with solutions for everything from network and data center support to collaboration and security.  Call us today to for a no obligation discussion on options that are best suited for your business or organization.

At IT Health Partners we know that the dynamic of working from home has changed the way that efficient and innovative companies must think differently. That’s why we pair up with Citrix for digital workspace solutions are designed to provide the freedom and flexibility companies need to power a smarter way to work.

Working directly with Comcast business services,IT Health Partners professional resources provide your business with the best possible solutions for ultra secure, high speed internet for your business or organization.

When you team up with IT Health Partners, our team has the expertise to partner up with companies “CT Comp” to make you job and life easier.  Companies like “CT Comp” stand behind their solutions with accountability and accuracy; and so do we!

Need reliability and security from you Managed Service Provide? You've come to the right place. IT Health Partners uses companies like Datto to delivery the best technologies.

Innovation is constantly changing, and when you need to have the best technology the team at IT Health Partners can bring the best of breed to you. When you need to make those important IT decisions for your company or organization we work with quality and name brand companies just like Dell.

Among the many strengths that the team at IT Health Partners can bring to your company is developing secure document delivery systems. Working with companies like EtherFax gives us the ability to replace your dated fax communications with secure, long term solutions.​

IT Health Partners is here to lead your company is implementing security-as-a-service solutions. We partner with players like Fishtech, a highly ranged current-generation SaaS provider. Working with you and service providers like Fishtech, a highly ranked current-generation SaaS provider, let us lead your secure and success business transformation.

The professionals at IT Health Partners have the expertiese to identify the perfect firewall for you network! Today, more than ever our relationships with companies like Forinet give us the right vendor and service providers to meet the security needs of your commpany organization. Call us today.

Cyber security awareness grows every moment of every day. At IT Health Partners, we understand what it takes to develop and implement secure environments. We rely on providers like GoldPhish, to delivery the training needed to protect your data.

If you are looking for a secure high speed internet solution, let the professionals here at IT Health Partners help. We keep an open mind that help you to leverage the benefits of working with familiar brands and providers like GoNetspeed to bring productivity to you.

Gotham Technology Group, LLC is a leading provider of Cloud, End User Computing, Datacenter, Collaboration, and Cybersecurity solutions. The team at IT Health Partners relies on quality vendors just like Gotham in our provider profile to bring cost effective and secure solutions to your IT needs every step of the way.

Are laptops, desktops, printers, or accessories on your agenda? No problem. IT Health Partners can help you work through the complex requirements of today's business technologies. Give us a call for an obligation free discussion on how we can help.

At IT Health Partners we bring a professional approach to the services we offer our growing client base. HP Enterprise Services is unique inthe industry as a provider of applications, business processes and IT solutions that we work with to drive that competive advange leading to meaningful growth that you are looking for.

Finding the right solutions to give your company a competitive and growth oriented IT strategy is what we are all about. IT Health Partners uses companies like Ingram Micro to source the hardware and software for end-to-end solutions.

The reality of working from home is now the norm. Chances are, we will never revert back to the pre-pandemic model of going to a workplace. That said, IT Health Partners has the expertise to address the remote team and the hybrid worksplace of the twenty-first century. We use quality providers like Intelisys to deliver on your IT needs.

Delivering and supporting Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management sytems (PM) are two of our key strengths at IT Health Partners. We work with companies like Keena Healthcare Technology to help your practice raise it's level of effeciency and security. Call us today to learn more about how we can partner with you!

Very few technology companies have impacted our world like Microsoft has. That's why at IT Health Partners we use many of the products and services that Microsoft provides. We can bring that same level of quality and expertise to your company or organization.

Nothing can interrupt the flow of your practice or company than lost data. The professionals at IT Health Partners are well versed in helping you in your efforts to retrieve data. Like so may of our quality service providers we rely on the expertise of Salvage Data when you need to recover pictures, audio, office documents, folders and more.

If you are seeking unparalleled protection from cyber attacks we can help. IT Health Partners teams up with world-class companies like Sentinel One to deliver cybersecurity at record speed. Help is just a toll-free call away.

Cloud technology and virtualization are here to stay. If your organization needs cloud, mobility, networking and security solutions we are here. IT Health Partners has the depth of experience as an MSP to bring the technology that you need, when you need it, and support it. VMware is one of the companies we've chosen time and again to work with.

When it comes to digital security managemant and risk mitigation, we've got you covered. IT Health Partners works with quality companies like VPN Solutions to faciliate remote work and protect your office from cyber threats. Speak to one of our professionals today!